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Modular Chillers

Reversible cooling and heat pump with scroll compressors

Modular Chillers

The CA series of modular systems consists of 4 modules of different power heat pump equipped with compressors in "multi-scroll" technology.

These modules are planned and designed for single "plug in" installations and for multiple modular configurations.

Up to 16 modules of similar or different capacity can be coupled under a single controller in order to reach 2080 KW of capacity. The simplicity of the construction and rational configuration with the various pre-installed protections make these models reliable and economical to manage.

A wide range of external hydraulic modules allows the CA series units to adapt to all system requirements.


Modular V Shape

'V - Shape' Structure

The "V-Shape" technology enabled us to reduce the footprint of the unit and achieve a more attractive and aesthetic look to the product.

Compact Modular Design

Compact Modular Design

The new configuration of these Chillers allows a reduction of the installation spaces by 25% compared to the classic configurations.

3 Phase Fan Motor

3-Phase Fan Motors

Compared to single-phase motors, these fans provide a reduced electrical absorption at the start, higher rotational speed and stability.

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.


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