All In One Gen 3
Haier All in One
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All In One Gen 3
Haier All in One
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Heating & Hot Water / Water Heater

R290 Hydro All-In-One

Discover the new R290 Hydro All-In-One:

  • Using R290 refrigerant,
  • Available in 4kW, 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW, 14kW and 16kW sizes
  • Offering outstanding A+++/A+++ SCOP and A+ DHW efficiency level
  • Wide Operating Range with normal operations even at -28°C
  • Compact size for easy installation and elegant design (Indoor Unit)
  • 200L tanks


Switching to R290

Green Alternative

R290 is seen as a long-term environmentally friendly option. It reduces the fluid load by 60%, which further reduces its carbon footprint. While R32 is a widely utilised refrigerant R290 is a more sustainable solution.


The use of R290 will lead to high energy savings whilst contributing to a more sustainable and greener planet. Due to the thermodynamic properties and its high performance, electricity consumption will be lower and we will see a direct reduction of electricity costs for our end-users

R290 architecture

Ultimate Comfort

Fast Heating

The new ATW Heat Pump Monobloc R290 is an excellent alternative to a traditional boiler. Thanks to Fast Heating function for Domestic Hot Water, the water temperature can reach 80°C very quickly. 

Low Sound Level

The unit also offers a low sound level, down to 54dB(A) for the 4kW version. 

Wide Range of Operation

Thanks to its wide operating range, the unit can be used normally and efficiently even during extremely cold weather, down to -28°C.

Ultimate Heating Comfort


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High energy efficiency level

Fast DHW
Fast heating

Fast DHW

The Fast Domestic Hot Water (Fast DHW) function allows to have hot water (up to 85°C) very quickly, providing comfort and efficiency at any time.

Easy Installation
Easy Installation man at work

Easy Installation

A simplified installation procedure allows the installer to work more efficiently, enabling quicker installation and greater
customer service, especially during the peak season.

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.