Column KS

Light Commercial / Commercial R410A

Tower KS

  • Low noise level
  • 3D airflow: continuous movement of horizontal and vertical deflectors
  • Auto Mode
  • Auto Restart

Energy class in cooling: A

Energy class in heat pump: A



3D Air Flow

The 3D air flow offers a better distribution of the air inside the room, thanks to the synchronised movement of the horizontal and vertical deflectors.



The use of DC Inverter fans and the optimisation of the design decrease the noise level of the indoor units. With the Silence setting, noise levels can be kept low. 

Power as well as comfort, and quiet operation matters whilst enjoying your free time. With a low noise level you can have it all.
Auto Restart
Auto Restart
Resets the air conditioner to its previous settings after a sudden power outage.
Auto Mode
Auto Mode
Automatically adjust the cooling or heating function of the air conditioner based on the desired
temperature and room temperature.
3D Air Flow
The continuous movement of vertical and horizontal deflectors directs air flow to any point in the

Technical Specifications

Commercial R410A

Indoor Model No. Outdoor Model No. Output power - cooling Output power - Heating Energy Class: SEER Energy Class: SCOP IU size (mm) W x D x H OU Size (mm) W x D x H
AP48KS1ERA(S) 1U48LS1ERA(S) 12.5 (6 - 14.5) 13 (6 - 16.5) 5.1 (A) 3.4 (A) 600x350x1850 1008x410x830
AP48KS1ERA(S) 1U48LS1ERB(S) 12.5 (6 - 14.5) 13 (6 - 16.5) 5.1 (A) 3.4 (A) 600x350x1850 1008x410x830
AP60KS1ERA(S) 1U60IS2ERB(S) 13.6 (4 - 16.5) 15.5 (4 - 18) 5.1 (A) 3.4 (A) 600x350x1850 948x340x1250
AP48DS1ERA(S) 1U48LS1ERA(S) 12.1 (6 - 14.5) 13.5 (6 - 16.5) 5.1 (A) 3.4 (A) 529x380x1824 1008x410x830
AP48DS1ERA(S) 1U48LS1ERB(S) 12.5 (6 - 14.5) 13 (6 - 16.5) 5.1 (A) 3.4 (A) 529x380x1824 1008x410x830

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.


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