Dawn 2
Dawn 2

MRV / MRV Indoor Units


  • Wall unit with motorised panel
  • Silent operation, min 15 dBAS
  • External thermal expansion valve
  • Presence sensor to optimise consumption and air flow
  • Standard Wi-Fi for remote management via Haier APP
  • Unit display dimmable from remote controller
  • 3D ventilation
  • Easier installation thanks to the removable bottom panel that allows direct access to the pipes
  • This unit works exclusively in combination with the MS1-036A thermal expansion valves for individual connection, or the MS3- 036A to make a group of 3 independent units.
  • The maximum connection distance between the MS external valve and the indoor unit is 15 meters.


Technical Specifications

MRV Indoor Units

Indoor Model No. Outdoor Model No. Max IU Output power - cooling Output power - Heating Energy Class: SEER Energy Class: SCOP IU size (mm) W x D x H OU Size (mm) W x D x H Panel Tank volume (L) COP @ 7 ° C COP @ 15 ° C Hourly Schedule No. indoor units Compatibility Wifi Features Collector
AS20S2SD1FA 2.0 2.6 980x212x318
AS25S2SD1FA 2.6 3.2 980x212x318
AS35S2SD1FA 3.5 4.2 980x212x318
AS42S2SD1FA 4.2 5.0 980x212x318

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.