Floor Console Built In
Floor Console Built In

MRV / MRV Indoor Units

Floor Console - Built In

  • Compact and thin, only 22O mm depth
  • Ideal for installation under window
  • High efficiency standard filter


Technical Specifications

MRV Indoor Units

Indoor Model No. Output power - cooling Output power - Heating IU size (mm) W x D x H
AE072MLERA 2.2 2.5 1116x221x624
AE092MLERA 2.8 3.2 1116x221x624
AE122MLERA 3.6 4 1116x221x624
AE162MLERA 4.5 5 1116x221x624
AE182MLERA 5.6 6.3 1116x221x624
AE242MLERA 7.1 8 1116x221x624

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.