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Expert Nordic

Everything you need from an Expert Nordic
Low Ambient Heating Series

The new Expert Nordic range

The New EXPERT NORDIC Air Conditioning range is available in 2.5kW - 3.5kW sizes in a modern matt finish, with energy efficiencies of A+++/ A+++. It's packed with great market-leading features such as hOn Wi-Fi as standard for complete flexibility, the New UVC Pro sterilisation function which inhibits the SARS CoV-2 virus, Eco Sensor, and much more.

The EXPERT NORDIC enables simple and easy cleaning of the internal fan where dust and bacteria can build up over time. Airflow in the room is further enhanced through Coanda Plus & 3D Air Flow technology for even air distribution and comfort.

The range includes for the first time the new UVC Pro module which generates plasma to aid sterilisation for a healthier, cleaner, room air environment. The new UVC Pro has been independently tested by Texcell to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 at the unit to 99.991% effectiveness. The UVC Pro is also fast acting and was tested to achieve 85.208% effectiveness in a room space of 6.7m3 in only four hours.


uvc pro
UVC Pro Ion


UVC Pro is a technology that works in the spectrum of UV rays and, in particular, on two lengths - UVC rays which inhibit the viruses and bacteria present in the air that passes through the rays produced by the lamp, and Vacuum UV rays which generate hydroxyl radicals which are released into the environment and which increase the effectiveness of inhibiting viruses and bacteria present in the air.

easy disassembly
Ext. Clean Expert

Easy Disassembly

The removal of only one screw allows 'Easy Disassembly' of the fan. The indoor unit is designed to allow quick and thorough cleaning of the internal components of the air conditioner and to simplify the disassembly of the main components such as the electronic board, motor and the fan. Deep cleaning guarantees the removal of bacteria, dust and molds that settle inside the unit over time and during its use.

-30° Heating
indoor winter

-30°C Heating

The -30°C Heating is a special feature that allows an optimal performance of the unit at extreme temperatures, making it perfect for difficult weathers. 

freeze prevention technology

Freeze Prevention Technology

The Freeze Prevention Technology is a helpful feature while using the unit under extreme weather. If the temperature goes too low, it will prevent the pipes and internal components of the unit of freezing, making the products last longer. 

Freeze prevention technology icon
Freeze prevention tech
Freeze-Prevention Technology
Eco Sensor
Eco Sensor
The air conditioner will detect the intensity of the light, the movement of people and level of activity. It will then automatically adjusting the cooling enabling the reduction of energy consumption.
Easy Installation
Easy Installation
Simple configuration enables easy installation
Self Clean icon
Self Clean
CleanCool technology freezes the surface of the evaporator in contact with moisture in the air and eliminates dust in the defrosting process, thus ensuring the release of clean air.
minus 30 degree C Heating icon
-30° C Heating icon
This special feature allows an optimal performance at extreme temperatures.
Steri-Clean Icon
56°C Steri-Clean
Kills bacteria and viruses by heating the evaporator to 56oC high temperature for 30 minutes.
Wi-Fi hOn
Wi-Fi hOn
Haier’s new Wi-Fi “hOn” app, enables you to take control of all the Haier group appliances in your Smart Home from a single app on
your smartphone or tablet.

Technical Specifications


Indoor Model No. Outdoor Model No. Max IU Output power - cooling Output power - Heating Energy Class: SEER Energy Class: SCOP IU size (mm) W x D x H OU Size (mm) W x D x H
AS25XCHHRA-NR 1U25KEHFRA-NR 10 2,6 3,20 4.5 4.5 895x236x313 820x305x643
AS35XCHHRA-NR 1U35KEHFRA-NR 10 3,5 4,2 4.25 4.25 895x236x313 820x305x643

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.


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