Flexis plus
Flexis plus
Flexis plus
Flexis plus
Flexis plus
Flexis plus

Residential / Multisplit

FLEXIS PLUS White / Black

  • Low noise level
  • Dual motion sensor
  • Wi-Fi control to remotely control the air conditioner
  • 3D airflow: continuous movement of horizontal and vertical deflectors
  • Easy installation
  • Steri-Clean
  • UVC Sterilisation
  • Self-Hygiene


UV Ray Sterilisation icon
UVC Sterilisation Technology

UVC Sterilisation

Haier’s UVC generator has received a Certificate of Inactivation on the Novel Coronavirus, from leading Texcell S,A, an independent viral testing laboratory in France. The global research organisation, concluded that the Haier UVC generator inactivates 99.998% of Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) within their sealed test facilities.

56 deg Steri clean grey
Steri-Clean image

56°C Steri-Clean

Kills bacteria and viruses by heating the evaporator to 56°C high temperature for 30 minutes. Almost no bacteria and virus can survive at 56°C for 30+ minutes based on latest research. Once the heating process is done, the evaporator is cooled down instantly to achieve better Sterilisation performance.

Eco Sensor
Eco Sensor
The air conditioner will detect the intensity of the light, the movement of people and level of activity. It will then automatically adjusting the cooling enabling the reduction of energy consumption.
Easy Installation
Easy Installation
Simple configuration enables easy installation
A low level of noise ensures peace of mind thanks to the optimised design of the fan, air ducts and
3D Air Flow
The continuous movement of vertical and horizontal deflectors directs air flow to any point in the
Wifi HON Icon
Wi-Fi hOn
Haier’s new Wi-Fi “hOn” app, enables you to take control of all the Haier group appliances in your Smart Home from a single app on
your smartphone or tablet.

Technical Specifications


Indoor Model No. Output power - cooling Output power - Heating IU size (mm) W x D x H
AS20S2SF1FA-MB3 2.0 2.5 856x197x300
AS25S2SF1FA-MB3 2.6 (0.8 - 3.2) 3.2 (0.8 - 4.2) 856x197x300
AS35S2SF1FA-MB3 3.5 (1.0 - 4.0) 4.2 (1.0 - 5.2) 856x197x300
AS42S2SF1FA-MB3 4.2 (1.2 - 4.8) 4.4 (1.3 - 5.8) 856x197x300
AS50S2SF1FA-MB3 5.2 (1.4 - 6.0) 6.0 (1.4 - 6.9) 999x225x323
S71S2SF1FA-MB3* 7.0 (2.2 - 7.5) 8.0 (2.4 - 8.5) 115x235x343

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.


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