MRV / MRV Outdoor Units


DC inverter unit with front discharge. 

  • Energy Efficient
  • Side discharge and compact design
  • High efficiency DC fan motor
  • Large diameter fan
  • High efficiency condenser
  • Twin rotary DC inverter compressor
  • Double pressure sensor
  • Automatic refrigerant reclaim technology

Perfect for larger buildings’ heating and cooling needs

For larger buildings—even multi-story offices or larger new homes—our mini VRF ductless heating and cooling series can keep you comfortable no matter the season. This series can power up to 9 indoor units from one outdoor unit and you can set different temperatures in each space, providing the ultimate control in comfort.



Big Space Comfort

Refrigerant lines on these ductless AC systems can run up to 984 ft., so even large and multi-story buildings can be heated and cooled comfortably all year long.

Office Space or at Home

Large commercial buildings, multi-story office spaces and large homes where standard central HVAC can be inefficient all benefit from our efficient mini-split heating and cooling systems.

Cassette Office

Choose Your Style

Indoors, we offer lots of flexibility for your space. Choose from wall mount, slim duct, high static duct, compact cassette and large cassette ductless mini split AC units.

MRV indoor



DC Inverter Twin Rotary Compressor

Twin Rotary compressors are selected for their low vibrations and high efficiency.
This is achieved thanks to the 180° phase shift between the two compression chambers (Twin).
At the time of compression, one chamber cancels the imbalance of the other because they are diametrically opposed to each other.

Flexible Pipe length

Flexible installation - wide piping length

• Total piping length 300m
• Maximum linear piping length 175m
• Maximum piping length after first branch 50m
• Maximum height difference between indoor units 15m
• Maximum height difference between indoor and outdoor units 50m (with OU above)
• Maximum height difference between outdoor and indoor units 40m (with OU below)

Auto Refrigerant

Automatic refrigerant recovery system

Recovery of the refrigerant present in the indoor units and pipes is possible by operating the switches located on the outdoor unit board. This saves time, resources and maintenance costs.

The data shown is purely indicative and is subject to change. Buyers are advised to check the accuracy with the supplier before purchasing.


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